Curtain – Extruded Aluminium slats from local VIC Aluminium Mill – supplied in 105/1.5mm flat face profile.

Aluminium Bottom Rail with rubber weather seal



Drum – made from C350 seamless line pipe with diameter and wall thickness to suit door size.  Cold drawn 1020 solid bar axles which are mounted on 38.1 ID sealed roller bearings. Australian made helical springs (for sprung doors)


Clips – Dupont Plastic Clips designed to prevent sideways movements of slats as door operates.

Guides – Extruded Aluminium guides at 105 x 35 x 2.5mm

Operation – Series 3 shutters can be operated by a Grifco manual chain hoist, or more commonly via a motor.  Motors are available in 240V and 3PH – with a variety of inputs/functionality to suit each client’s unique requirements.


Most commonly motorised in shop fronts, the door operation can be via push button (secured in a cupboard away from clients), or via a master keyable raise/lower key switch for secure operation.

Finishes – Doors can be supplied in Galv (silver), or have a ‘powder coat’ colour finish applied.  Sprint works with the Dulux ‘Duralloy’ range of colours as standard.  However Dulux’ other ranges (Duratec, etc) are available upon request (additional cost applies).  *When selecting powder coat, please be aware that Sprint’s standard finish coats both side of each slat to give colour finish inside and out.  This is a superior finish to one side (both sides have an extra layer of protection), plus the cost saving of coating one side vs both sides doesn’t stack up.  So we can coat one (1) side if required – but it is not any cheaper.


What does your shutter weight?

Series 3 slats = approx. 8kg p/m2


*this calculation is based upon opening size, and does not account for the drum or motor – which adds additional weight depending on opening size.  Please contact your Sprint Representative to enquire about more accurate weights if required.

Technical Data & Drawings

1. Head Room & Side Room Allowances – Series 3 Shutter

2. Motor Details

3. Guide dimension/mounting detail for Series 3 Guides

4. Specification Text – for Architects

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