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Factory Floor - Altona, VIC

Manufacturing high quality Australian made commercial and industrial roller shutters since 2009

Sprint Roller Shutters began as a family owned and operated business, founded by the Smetona Brothers in 2009.



Having installed shutters for many years, George and Josh had a unique insight into what worked and what didn’t…  And from these humble beginnings Sprint was born with a vision of manufacturing high quality shutters that not only worked well for the end user – but installed well for the installer and smoothly/quickly for the builder.



This vision has defined our targets to date and continues to drive the business forward as we grow.  That might make us a-bit old fashioned, but we still believe you can’t beat speaking with people, and a hand shake.


Sprint Roller Shutters was acquired by ‘BX Bunka Australia’ in 2023, and we’re excited to continue our growth into the future.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Doors Manufactured and counting
Years of Experience

Our customers come first! We make sure every door is made to the highest standard to provide maximum functionality and reliability to our clients - their clients and the end user

Australian Made Quality - to stand the test of time

At Sprint we pride ourselves on making a door that will last the test of time.  To achieve this goal, we work closely with our local partners, who include:

‘Bluescope’ who supply all of the coil which we roll form to make our slats, and guides.  Beginning with Australian made steel provides a much stronger slat versus a slat made from imported coil.


Our drums are made from seamless line pipe to provide maximum strength as the drum supports the whole door (even our 13 metre wide doors!).  We source our pipe from Orrcon (Australian Made)


We work closely with Grifco offering their full range of 240V, and 3PH motors in chain drive and direct drive configuration to suit each doors unique requirements.  Grifco have local manufacturing, and fantastic local support – ensuring the doors keep running long after they’ve been installed.


Our spring balance doors use springs manufactured, and supplied by ‘Thomas Marsh (QLD)’ – who manufacture all their springs just outside of Brisbane.

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Meet the VIC Team

George Smetona

Founder/Business Manager

Meet George, one half of the visionary founding duo that began Sprint Roller Shutters.

Beginning in 2009 as an installer of industrial shutters, George took the big step of opening a factory with a vision of creating high quality roller shutters that were reliable,  affordable and simple to install.  Benefiting every stake holders in each project they undertook.


Beyond his professional accomplishments, George is known for his generosity, integrity and commitment to his customers and staff – many who are lucky to call him a friend.


As we continue to grow and evolve, Sprint Roller Shutters remains steadfast in the Smetona Brothers vision, guided by their principles and values – together we are proud to continue their legacy and continue the journey towards even greater achievements.

Brian Bourchier

Senior Sales Representative

Meet our Senior Sales Representative, the driving force behind our sales success in VIC. With his extensive experience and proven track record in sales, he leads our VIC sales team to new heights of achievement.

Whether its 1 door, 5 doors or 50 doors, Brian is always focused on delivering results for his customer. With a passion for exceeding client’s expectations, Brian embodies the values of our company and is committed to driving our business forward.

Kylie Dumic

Office Manager

Meet our office Manager Kylie Dumic – organizational powerhouse who keeps things running smoothly day in/day out.  With a keen eye for detail and a knack for multi-tasking, she ensures that everything in our office operates like a well oiled ‘Roll Former’.


With her friendly demenour and proactive approach, whether you need assistance or just a friendly smile – Kylie is here to help make your experience with Sprint exceptional.


Chris Cole

Operations Manager

At the heart of our operation lies our factory manager.  Chris’s knowledge and experience ensure that our production processes are  both efficient and adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Chris is proud to lead a team of skilled individuals, working to build the shutter for your next project.

Josh Smetona

Founder/Operations Manager

Meet Josh, the ‘other’ half of the visionary founding duo that began Sprint Roller Shutters.


For those who are lucky to know him – Josh is a man of few words.  But his commitment to the Sprint Roller Shutters mission of manufacturing high quality, affordable, easy to install, Australian made roller shutters has never waivered.  And we’re grateful for his example.


As we continue to grow and evolve, Sprint Roller Shutters remains steadfast in the Smetona Brothers vision, guided by their principles and values – together we are proud to continue their legacy and continue the journey towards even greater achievements.


John Sotiropoulos

Sales Representative

Say hello to our Sales Representative John, the friendly face who’s always ready to assist you finding the perfect solution for your project.  Working closely with Brian, John utilises his in-depth knowledge of our products and solutions to provide a customised offering to meet each client, and projects needs.

Whether you’re a new client exploring our offerings, or a long time partner – John is here to listen, advise and support you every step of the way.

Jessica A'Chion

Accounts Clerk

Say hello to our Accounts Clerk, the meticulous number-cruncher who keeps our financial matters in order. With her sharp attention to detail and expertise in financial management, Jessica ensures that our accounts are accurate and up-to-date. From processing invoices, tracking retentions and reconciling accounts, our Accounts Clerk plays a vital role in our organization.

Factory Foreman

Working closely with Chris, Tao’s specialty is looking after the ‘Roll Forming’ (Slat Manufacture), and Drum Fabrication sections.

Visit our factory – you’ll see Tao working side by side with each team to ensure each production process is followed for maximum efficiency, quality and safety.

Ian Kane

Operations Manager

Meet our Operations Manager, the mastermind behind the scenes who ensures that our processes run smoothly and efficiently. With a meticulous attention to detail and a knack for problem-solving, Ian oversees the logistical aspects of our business with precision and expertise. From organising installations, to dispatching goods and streamlining procedures to managing inventory and quality control, our Operations Manager plays a critical role in ensuring that our operations are conducted with the utmost efficiency and integrity.  


Meet our friendly Receptionist, the welcoming face that greets you when you walk in the door.

Beyond extending a warm welcome, Anna efficiently handles administrative tasks, manages incoming calls, and assists with scheduling appointments. With a passion for providing exceptional customer service, Anna is dedicated to making your experience with us seamless and enjoyable.

Meet the SA Team

Nick Butler

State Manager SA

Meet our State Manager, the guiding force behind our operations in SA.  With his keen eye for detail and Salesman’s spirit – Nick guides the SA team to ensure our standards of excellence are maintained in every project.

Nick has been in the ‘doors’ industry for over 10 years – and is committed to providing every client with a great experience.

Mark Shurven

Sales Consultant

Say ‘hi’ to Mark – the friendly face that’s always ready to assist you and your client with finding the perfect roller shutter for your project.

Mark’s many years of Sales experience, combined with his metal fabrication trade background provide an excellent basis to assist you and your clients with pricing – but also practical installation know-how.


Cristy Dunstan


As our responsible Administrator, Cristy ensures the smooth operations of our SA branch. She expertly coordinates between Sales and Installation – as well as coordinating invoicing and variations for our local clients.

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